Founder's Message to Prospective Students

Dear Future Digital Pioneers Academy Graduate,

I am thrilled that you are considering joining the DPA community. This school was designed especially for you and it's important to me that you understand why. Building a school like DPA is my life's passion and a dream. I have spent my entire professional life teaching children and fighting for children to get the best education possible, no matter who they are or where they live. I believe every child like you is beautifully made with unique gifts and abilities. You deserve a school that not only nurtures your unique talents with the right academic habits for the modern world, but also provides you with an environment where you feel known, loved, and respected at all times.

That is why I worked with so many students, families, and stakeholders to create DPA. I was once just like you. A young, smart, vibrant child. My family worked hard for my twin sister and I to get the best education possible. As Malcolm X said, "education is the passport to the future".

You will create and solve problems in the future. Your generation will build the next Facebook and Amazon and create new technology that changes the world. DPA will give you the right foundation to start your journey to becoming an innovator that shapes our future! We hope to see you in the halls and classrooms of DPA soon!

Ms. Ashton