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"Digital Pioneers Academy will prepare your child to harness the power of technology to not only drive their own future success but also transform our world for the better."

Mashea M. Ashton, CEO/Founder, Digital Pioneers Academy

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From our academic model to the profile of our graduates, get a sense for a day in the life of a DPA student.

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Join our team this fall and help develop the next generation of innovators! We are hiring teachers for middle school and high school!

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Giving to our DPA and its families is truly an investment in the next generation, as our scholars become the future leaders of our communities and the world.

"My scholar's teachers are very supportive and engaged. They check in, provide consistent feedback to my scholar about her progress, and also seek feedback on how they are doing as teachers. I love that about DPA."

-Parent of Kamaia

"I appreciate the commitment to Mission, Vision and Values. I have seen a massive shift in my scholar's thinking about school and homework. She is learning how to prioritize and I think this has a lot to do with the expectations and accountability being set."

-Parent of Emilia

"My scholar's teachers go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels noticed."

-Parent of Kira

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