Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA) is a new charter middle school in Ward 7 in Washington, D.C.  We’re excited to create the first-ever computer science-focused middle school in the district. Digital Pioneers Academy will be a college preparatory middle and high school (6th-12th grade) with a Computer Science focus for young people from Ward 7 and 8 in Washington, D.C.

DPA prepares all scholars to graduate from a four-year college through a rigorous college prep curriculum. DPA prepares all scholars for high demand, high paying careers by requiring computer science as a mandatory core subject. DPA ensures that students east of the Anacostia River are provided the best education possible to prepare them for the modern world. DPA is serving students in grades six and seven for Fall 2019.  

"Digital Pioneers Academy will prepare your child to harness the power of technology to not only drive their own future success but also transform our world for the better."

Mashea M. Ashton, CEO/Founder, Digital Pioneers Academy


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