Operations Manager


Operations Manager Mission: To serve as the Operations Manager at Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA), a 6th-12th grade college preparatory school that will consistently rank as a Tier 1 Washington, DC public charter school. The Operations Manager will ensure that all DPA employees have the resources and support they need to focus on making Digital Pioneers Academy the most innovative and effective computer science program in the country.

DPA’s Graduate Profile:

  1. Students will develop into innovators who possess the skills to problem solve, persevere, collaborate, create, communicate, and connect as they work to solve the increasingly complex problems of society.

  2. Students are prepared for, accepted into, and complete four-year colleges.

  3. Students will demonstrate mastery of 2+ programming languages and pass the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

  4. Students will expand their social-emotional skills and mindsets to develop strong habits of success.

  5. Students will have a long-term plan rooted in their values and interests and will identify credible next steps towards achieving their hopes and dreams.

DPA’s  Big Ideas

We are different.

We believe that Computer Science is not a “Nice to Have,” it’s a “Must Have.” Every student at Digital Pioneers Academy will learn Computer Science at every grade level.

We will nurture the genius in every child.

While our education model is grounded in computer science, that simply means that we will nurture the inherent power of each student by equipping students with marketable computer science skills and habits of innovation as they build their future of choice, even if that’s not a computing job.

We believe relationships matter.

Whether it be inside the classroom, outside the school, between peers, teachers or families, we believe that relationships are key to student success at Digital Pioneers Academy.

We believe all children can learn at the highest levels.

Our students will understand that you are not born smart; you get smart with effective effort.

We believe our students learn by doing.

Most students are too passive in their learning experiences. Students will invent, design, and produce as part of the learning experience.


Position Summary

Digital Pioneers Academy is seeking a dedicated Operations Manager to manage all operational aspects of Digital Pioneers Academy. The Operations Manager will ensure that school leadership maintain a strong focus on creating an exceptional learning environment for all DPA students.

We are looking for experienced individuals with an exceptional track record, preferably in a school setting.


  • Liaise with Senior Leadership to design organizational strategy as well as source, apply for and execute appropriate funding

  • Execute a marketing strategy to maximize the school profile

  • Liaise with Senior Leadership to design, plan and execute day to day organization level operations

  • Supervise executions of the student information system and all necessary compliance reporting

  • Build and manage an organizational Master Calendar and School-Wide Class Schedule

  • Manage internal, external and Board relations

  • Liaise with Senior Leadership to extrapolate operational aspects of instruction and build systems to maximize instructional time in class

  • Select, execute and manage all aspects of an academic and organizational data dashboard  

  • Collaborate with colleagues to continuously improve personal practice and achieve overall goals and mission of the school.

  • Support the development, management, and maintenance of the procurement life-cycle, including but not limited to: vendor selection, account creation, purchase order management, materials requisitioning and receiving, inventory management, and invoice reconciliation and payment.

  • Support the Principal in the development and management of the annual budget to ensure that school meets its financial goals.

  • Manage the school’s meal program and process reimbursements for food services

  • Procure materials for day to day academic excellence and operations

  • Support building staff with school-wide technology troubleshooting needs

  • Liaise with custodial team for one-off school wide facilities needs

  • Maintain aesthetic excellence throughout the building

  • Perform related work as required.


  • BA/BS required;

  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience required, with 4 years preferred;

  • Prior school or education reform experience preferred;

  • Experience with payroll and accounting systems preferred;

  • Managerial experience preferred


Compensation and Benefits


Digital Pioneers Academy offers a highly competitive salary based on experience and an excellent and comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply

Interested candidates should follow the link below to apply for this position.

Digital Pioneers Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.