"A unique, personalized educational experience"

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Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA) will be the first school in a new charter network based in Washington, DC. It will open Fall 2018 and eventually serve over 700 students in grades 6-12.

DPA will provide a unique, personalized educational experience that integrates best practices from schools across the country, preparing students to be innovators and active citizens in our technology driven world. DPA’s learning model will leverage a curriculum built around traditional subjects with the critical inclusion of Computer Science as a core content area. Through core classes and personalized, project-based work, students will develop “computational thinking skills,” a set of capabilities that can be flexibly applied to succeed in four-year college and in a variety of fields. In addition to rigorous academics and project-based learning, our innovative approach focuses on character building, diverse out-of-school experiences (“expeditions”), and developing the social and emotional capacities of our students. Our students will graduate with the diverse skills, entrepreneurial mindset, teamwork, empathy, and leadership skills needed to be healthy, active, successful, and engaged 21st century citizens.

Mashea Ashton