Our mission & Values



Digital Pioneers Academy’s mission is to develop the next generation of innovators. We prepare students to meet or exceed the highest academic standards, while cultivating the strength of character necessary to both graduate from four-year colleges and thrive in 21st century careers.

We exist to help all students in the nation, from the most equipped to the most under-served, become the creators of the digital economy, not just consumers.

We exist to show the nation that a school can and should do this.

We will provide our students with the skills to graduate from college and work in the 1.4 million computing jobs available.

We do whatever it takes to get things done. We expect and achieve excellence in everything we do.




Every action and every decision is made with a relentless focus on results for our students. Even when ultimate success seems far away, we will continue to focus on the goals of college graduation and career persistence. We do whatever it takes to get things done.


We know this is hard work, but we are confident that we can achieve the goals we have for our students and for our organization. We believe that we can achieve anything.


We expect and achieve excellence in everything we do. We chase perfection to catch excellence.


We will practice empathy as deliberate practice to develop a deep emotional understanding of our students' needs and use this knowledge to address complex problems. We act with empathy when working with our children, their families, and our professional peers.


We maintain integrity in all matters and are genuine in all interactions. We treat our students, their families, and each other with honesty, kindness, and respect. We are confident and humble.


If there is a better way, we find it. We think critically, creatively, and thoughtfully in a culture of innovation.