Enrollment ambassador

(Independent Contractor)


Enrollment Ambassador Mission: To serve as the Enrollment Ambassador at Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA), a 6th-12th grade college preparatory school that will consistently rank as a Tier 1 Washington, DC public charter school.


DPA’s Graduate Profile:

  1. Students will develop into innovators who possess the skills to problem solve, persevere, collaborate, create, communicate, and connect as they work to solve the increasingly complex problems of society.

  2. Students are prepared for, accepted into, and complete four-year colleges.

  3. Students will demonstrate mastery of 2+ programming languages and pass the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

  4. Students will expand their social-emotional skills and mindsets to develop strong habits of success.

  5. Students will have a long-term plan rooted in their values and interests and will identify credible next steps towards achieving their hopes and dreams.


DPA’s  Big Ideas

We are different.

We believe that Computer Science is not a “Nice to Have,” it’s a “Must Have.” Every student at Digital Pioneers Academy will learn Computer Science at every grade level.

We will nurture the genius in every child.

While our education model is grounded in computer science, that simply means that we will nurture the inherent power of each student by equipping students with marketable computer science skills and habits of innovation as they build their future of choice, even if that’s not a computing job.

We believe relationships matter.

Whether it be inside the classroom, outside the school, between peers, teachers or families, we believe that relationships are key to student success at Digital Pioneers Academy.

We believe all children can learn at the highest levels.

Our students will understand that you are not born smart; you get smart with effective effort.

We believe our students learn by doing.

Most students are too passive in their learning experiences. Students will invent, design, and produce as part of the learning experience.


Position Summary

Digital Pioneers Academy is seeking dedicated Enrollment Ambassadors to assist with the daily recruitment and interaction with prospective DPA students and their families. Enrollment Ambassadors will be the first point of contact for nearly all of our prospective students and families.

The main responsibly for Enrollment Ambassadors is generating enrollment and facilitating the enrollment process. Enrollment Ambassadors must form a deep knowledge of Digital Pioneers Academy so they can teach families about our school and encourage them to enroll. Enrollment Ambassadors distribute information about DPA through flyers, door-to-door activity, in person meetings, at various community events, by phone, and by email. Enrollment Ambassadors must be outgoing, willing to speak with and approach the public to talk about DPA, and have a unique ability to encourage new families to join our first class of 120 6th graders!

We are looking for motivated individuals who are people-oriented, organized, understand how to represent the DPA brand through exemplary presentation and service, and gets along well in a team. In addition, Enrollment Ambassadors must be able to travel and have reliable transportation, and must be willing to work weekends as needed.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and support Digital Pioneers Academy’s’ mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and code of conduct

  • Understand charter schools; able to educate parents about what charter schools are and are not, dispelling charter school myths

  • Ability to speak and write fluent English and communicate effectively

  • Effectively collaborate with colleagues, parents, and community

  • Maintain regular attendance (ability to find staff substitute limited

  • Basic knowledge of computer programs (e.g., Google Docs, Excel, etc.)

  • Ability to learn computer software for data entry

  • Process documents and materials; assist in the creation of student enrollment records, ensuring their accurate completion; distribute flyers; enter enrollment data, update student information and process student data

  • Fill out forms with student information; File papers, as needed

  • Answer phones using a professional and courteous manner; route calls appropriately; kindly answer parent questions and assist with enrollment

  • Maintain a helpful attitude and provide good customer service at all times

  • Ability to walk community streets to hand-out fliers/talk to families

  • Knock on doors, giving families information

  • Approach parents outside stores/restaurants etc. giving them information about Digital Pioneers Academy and answering questions

  • Form relationships with local businesses and educate owners about Digital Pioneers Academy

  • Visit local businesses and leave fliers

  • Actively find and participate in fairs and community events

  • Make presentations at schools and places where families meet

  • Make calls and receive calls from all interested families

  • Participate in work-related training and conferences

  • Use appropriate language and respect others at all times



  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent

  • A successful history of interacting effectively with students, faculty, staff, and outside contacts

  • Minimum one (1) year community organizing experience, e.g., PTA, labor organizing, neighborhood association, elected office, etc.

  • Belief in and alignment with Digital Pioneers Academy’s core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable

Working Conditions

Environment: Work is performed outdoors in varying weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, dust, wind, etc.), and sometimes in an office environment. Enrollment Ambassadors are exposed to weather and temperature changes depending on the seasons. Exposure to moderate and loud noise, seasonal temperatures, dust and wind.

Physical Demands: Enrollment Ambassadors are physically active and must be able to lift at least 40 pounds. In addition, this job requires at least 8 hours of continuous standing and/or walking outdoors in minimal shade, stooping, crouching, kneeling, squatting, and twisting.

Work Schedule/Logistics: The working hours vary according to the needs of Digital Pioneers Academy. Work days include weekdays and weekends as needed for recruitment and enrollment efforts. The Enrollment Ambassador must have a car or get her or his own transportation to carry out and complete requested assignments.

Compensation and Benefits

Enrollment Ambassadors will be Independent Contractors with a start date in early January until February 28, 2018. Enrollment Ambassadors will be paid $20 per hour.

To Apply

Interested candidates should follow the link below to apply for this position.

Digital Pioneers Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.

General Hiring Process 

* Hiring process may be modified depending on position requirements.

* Hiring process may be modified depending on position requirements.

If you or anyone in your network is interested in any of the following roles, reach out to hiring@digitalpioneersacademy.org.