Director of Finance and Operations


Director of Finance and Operations Mission

To serve as a Director of Finance & Operations at Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA), a 6th-12th grade college preparatory school that will consistently rank as a Tier 1 Washington, DC public charter school. Our mission is to develop the next generation of innovators. We are committed to ensuring 100% of DPA scholars graduate from college and secure a high paying, high demand job.

Position Summary

The Director of Finance & Operations (DFO) will be responsible for managing the start up functions and daily operations for Digital Pioneers Academy. We are looking for a leader in organizational management with a successful track record. There will be special consideration for those who are motivated to work for an educational reform institution. The ideal candidate will have experience working in education operations, preferably for a charter school. 


Financial Analysis

  • Plans service delivery and projects requiring multiple processes and teams

  • Reviews and prioritizes operational issues and guides department to resolution

  • Ensures resolution of operational issues

  • Communicates operational health and issues to CEO and Board

Service Delivery

  • Coordinates and defines team’s service delivery

  • Monitors vendor services and gathers and provides feedback to vendors

  • Defines workstreams and processes

  • Ensures coordination and consistent delivery of school services

Development and Implementation of Procedures and Policies

  • Develop operating procedures and policies

  • Develop a cycle of continuous improvement for procedures and policies

  • Ensures written policies are kept current in the face of changing practices and that all staff are regularly trained

Monitoring Operational Performance

  • Ensures operational and budgetary performance meet goals

  • Ensures economic drivers are optimized to improve sustainability

  • Monitors performance against metrics and budget

  • Implements strategies to improve performance

Organizational Compliance

  • Ensures that the organization is compliant with requirements

  • Ensures timeliness of all compliance reporting

  • Creates a culture of transparency and responsiveness with authorities regarding compliance issues

  • Creates compliance standards and monitoring processes

School Security and Safety 

  • Develops school security guidelines and delegates responsibilities

  • Plans emergency security procedures, incorporating state and national standards

  • Asserts leadership in security emergencies

Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning 

  • Identifies operational risks and institutes risk mitigation processes

  • Develops and guides use of contingency plans

  • Ensures organization can manage unexpected operational situations

Crisis Management

  • Develops crisis management processes and guides short and long term solutions

  • Prepares plan to handle crises and works with leaders to ensure they know key actions and steps

  • Develops plan to mitigate potential future issues, and recommends a course of action to executives

Procurement and Contract Management

  • Negotiates vendor contracts and leverages scale

  • Ensures diversification of vendors

Facilities Planning

  • Contributes to facilities planning based on knowledge of design options and building specifications/systems for schools

  • Creates facilities design solutions to utilize space according to school needs

Facilities Management and Maintenance

  • Defines processes and guidelines for managing and maintaining facilities

  • Stewards relationships with school leaders

  • Oversees vendors

School Openings and Closures

  • Guides critical decisions for school openings/closures (e.g., allocation of resources across the organization)

Capital Improvements

  • Defines process and guidelines for assessing facilities conditions and capital improvement needs" Determines capital improvements to make

  • Negotiates with vendors and holds accountable to contracts

Organization-wide Strategic Planning

  • Develops strategic plan, facilitating cross-functional process to determine priorities and required resources

  • Defines core questions and delegates analysis

  • Reviews analysis, understanding the potential impact of strategic decisions, to elevate recommendations

  • Serves as a resource for department-level strategy development, building alignment and coordination across the organization

Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Drives communication of organization’s strategy across departments

  • Translates strategic plan into goals and strategic priorities for each department

  • Sequences priorities over short- and long-term

  • Proposes resources and support to implement strategy


  • Proven experience as Director of Finance & Operations or equivalent position

  • Familiarity with MS Office and various project management software

  • BS/BA in business administration or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus

Additional Characteristics of DPA Team Members

  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics

  • Comfort with technology; moderate to advanced skills in navigating computer hardware and software.

  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities

  • Outstanding communication and people skills

  • Knowledge of legal rules and guidelines in education

  • Demonstrated passion for improving educational outcomes

  • Strong interpersonal skills and high moral character

  • Understands  the nuances of urban school environments and school culture

  • Has evidence of self-motivation, diligence and willingness to be a team player

  • Problem solves and is results-oriented

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and strong interpersonal skills with scholars, parents, colleagues, and community members

Compensation and Benefits

Digital Pioneers Academy offers a highly competitive salary based on experience and an excellent and comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply

Interested candidates should follow the link below to apply for this position. 

Digital Pioneers Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.