(Social and Emotional Learning)


Founding Associate Dean of Social Emotional Learning Teacher Mission

To serve as an Associate Dean of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Digital Pioneers Academy (DPA), a 6th-12th grade college preparatory school that will consistently rank as a Tier 1 Washington, DC public charter school. Our mission is to develop the next generation of innovators. We are committed to ensuring 100% of DPA scholars graduate from college and secure a high paying, high demand job.

Position Summary

A successful Digital Pioneers Academy 6th or 7th Grade Associate Dean of SEL will ensure that all DPA scholars meet the highest academic and behavior standards. We are committed to creating a community where every scholar and adult feels known, loved and respected. Teachers’ investment in building culture and character will prepare scholars to lead productive lives meeting the demands of the post-secondary arena and job market.

A successful Digital Pioneers Academy Associate Dean of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) will ensure that all DPA scholars feel known, loved and respected. Dean investment in building culture and character will prepare scholars to lead productive lives meeting the demands of the post-secondary arena and job market. Deans at DPA believe that all scholars can achieve at high levels. At DPA, we operate as a team with one mission. We attract leaders in teaching with a successful track record of developing authentic relationships with scholars, families and professional peers. With a collective mission to develop the next generation of innovators, our Deans will develop ours scholars to not only consume, but create the digital economy.


  • Works closely with the Principal to establish a positive, structured, achievement-oriented, and creative school culture

  • Supports teachers to hold all scholars to high and consistent behavioral expectations

  • Lead dean team to reach its vision and goals

  • Plan and prioritize dean team’s work

  • Build proficiency across dean team standards and how they are assessed

  • Analyze behavior data across and identifies needed team or individual teacher adjustments to culture, instruction and behavior management

  • Serves as the point person for dealing with behavioral crisis-intervention and acute behavioral issues

  • Acts as a resource for teachers in their instructional practice, especially as it relates to issues of discipline, relationships with scholars, classroom management, and school culture

  • Assists teachers, scholars, and parents in the effective creation and implementation of individual behavior plans

  • Support staff efforts to ensure all scholars have excellent attendance and arrive at school on time, and works aggressively with scholars and parents to ensure excellent attendance

  • Participates in summer home visits highlighting the responsibilities of parents, teachers, and scholars

  • Helps to reinforce the effective use of a school-wide behavior plan, including managing the school’s behavior management systems

  • Ensures that the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates scholar achievement

  • Stays highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly ensuring the school has an exceptional school culture

  • Circulates proactively throughout classrooms and hallways during the day, to gain valuable context on scholar behavior and help support positive school culture monitoring behavioral pull-out and in-school suspensions

  • Work with students and small groups to support intervention and academic support activities

  • Models the school’s values and the standard for professional behavior

  • Support scholar apologies and school culture messages at Community Meeting

  • Supervises breakfast, lunch, in-between class transitions, enrichment, and dismissal, making sure scholars are always where they are supposed to be and ensuring a professional school culture at these times

  • Manages after school detention

  • Keeps accurate scholar discipline records, documenting all conferences, suspensions, and phone calls for behavior

  • Teaches at least one whole or small-group class

  • Ensures that behavioral expectations and school culture standards are met outside of the classroom as well as inside, including establishing and monitoring home transition behavior/culture as well as cafeteria/meal time behavior and culture


  • Proven track-record of high achievement in the classroom

  • Minimum of two years working experience in an urban public school or charter school setting

  • Bachelor's degree with an outstanding record of academic achievement and leadership is required; Master’s degree is preferred

  • Belief in and alignment with Digital Pioneers Academy’s core beliefs and educational philosophy is non-negotiable

Additional Characteristics of DPA Teachers

  • Strong interpersonal skills and high moral character

  • Passionate about learning

  • Understands the nuances of urban school environments and school culture

  • Has evidence of self-motivation, diligence and willingness to be a team player

  • Strives to improve the minds and lives of students in and out of the classroom

  • Problem solves and is results-oriented

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and strong interpersonal skills with students, parents, colleagues, and community members

Compensation and Benefits

Digital Pioneers Academy offers a highly competitive salary based on experience and an excellent and comprehensive benefits package.

Digital Pioneers Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.